Technological innovations are rapidly changing medical practice and patient expectations and physicians must be able to keep up with its impact on how they care for and interact with their patients. 

Phase 1

In phase one of the eHealth project, AFMC in partnership with Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) undertook the task of looking at how to better prepare medical students to practice in modern, technology-enabled, clinical environments. Bringing together eHealth and informatics experts, medical school educators and learners, AFMC and Infoway have been able to create a peer-to-peer network that has informed the creation of key resources to support eHealth innovation in medical education. This includes the eHealth Competencies for Undergraduate Medical Education, the Environmental Scan of eHealth in Canadian Undergraduate Medical CurriculumCHEC-CESC Virtual Patient Challenge, and AFMC-Infoway eHealth Awards.

Phase 2

AFMC and Infoway continued to work on national initiatives to improve clinical practice and patient care by supporting the integration of eHealth competencies into medical school curricula. Integration supports include the AFMC-Infoway eHealth Workshop Toolkit Collection. This podcast/vodcast series is designed to present an introduction to eHealth using key highlights from overarching, core eHealth topics, and to familiarize medical educators and residents with eHealth material that can be integrated into undergraduate medical teaching. The podcast/vodcast series also includes study guides and additional resources for independent learning. Topics include:

  • Personal & Shared Information Management (data management, e-portfolios);
  • Clinical Decision Management (clinical decision support systems);
  • Clinical Information Management (EMR, PHR, EHR); and
  • Health Communication Management (mobile health apps, telehealth, remote patient monitoring)

The eHealth podcast/vodcast content is derived from the eHealth faculty development workshop series conducted between January-March 2016.

Those interested in learning more about eHealth- are also encouraged to join the online eHealth community, AFMC - Infoway Physician in Training eHealth Curriculum & eLearning, on Canadian Healthcare Education Commons (CHEC-CESC). This community allows an individual to search through eHealth resources, connect with experts and engage in eHealth discussions.

AFMC-Infoway Physicians in Training – Project in Review:

Accelerating Engagement: Patient-focused Digital Health Solutions for Faculty and Residents in Medical Education

e-Health Faculty Development Workshop Series diagram


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